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"SANDS OF TIME" is a complete history of Men's and Women’s beach volleyball, including its roots that began with the indoor game.

The following is a selection taken from the book: "THE SANDS OF TIME"


In January of 1969, Wilt Chamberlain stopped by the Windjammer Restaurant, to talk to Gene Selznick. Before long, all the volleyball bar talk triggered Wilt's competitive instincts enough to lure him out to State Beach. Of course, Wilt knew that he was already the world's greatest volleyball player, Selznick knew that Wilt wasn't. Selznick kept his respective opinion to himself and just played the game with him. Selznick and his son Dane nurtured Wilt's volleyball skill, encouraging him and keeping him involved in the game that summer of 1969.

After rupturing his patellar tendon and injuring several ligaments surrounding the knee, Wilt Chamberlain was in a cast and out of the L.A. Laker uniform for most of the 1970 season. Wilt choose to utilized his new found love of volleyball as the tool for reconstruction of a healthy knee. Wilt was seen practicing the game with Gene and Dane Selznick, drill after drill while still wearing his cast. The therapy worked, Chamberlain made it back into a Laker uniform before the season ended and helped the Lakers make it into the NBA Championships that March.

Basketball was Wilt's money-maker, but volleyball was his new love. That entire summer, he spent day after day at Muscle Beach, Sorrento, and State Beach, matching skills with the country's best beach volleyball players. He surprised the local talent, almost holding his own. Volleyball became vitally important to Wilt; soon Wilt would become vitally important to volleyball. Wilt went on to play and promote volleyball for several years.

During a 1999 interview, Gene Selznick said: "In 1970, Wilt Chamberlain asked me if there was any way to make money in volleyball. I told him that with your name we could arrange some 4-Man matches that people would pay to watch. He said why 4-Man? I told him because of his inability to play volleyball, we could hide him and put him in a spot to make him look good, after all this was Wilt Chamberlain, the best in the world!" Selznick continued: "We put him on his best side and covered for him. He did a good job and continued to get better and better and he became a pretty good volleyball player. His blocking ability was the best that I have ever seen. He was so big and powerful that he could intimidate anybody in the world, while he was up at the net. The thing about Wilt was that he did not use this ability all the time, but when he got mad he went to the next level, and nobody could get the ball by him." Selznick then added: "Wilt contributed more to the game of volleyball than probably anybody else in the country. What he did for the game, all over the country is unbelievable and people donít give him the credit that he deserves. Just because of his name, we were able to expose volleyball to people that had never seen the game. Adults and children alike, would come to the events just because Wilt Chamberlain was there. Then we would put on a good match that people liked and in turn the popularity of the game began to flourish in this country." (It already was Internationally)

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